The Best Chiminea On A Budget

         A List of Affordable Chimineas

Do you want to spend comfortable and luxurious time with your loved ones? If you are in the mood to bring warmth in your evenings, a chiminea or an outdoor fireplace is a worthwhile addition. It is not only a perfect piece for your home decor, in fact, it is designed to warm up your evenings in a splendid manner.

chimineaCommon Types of Chimineas:

There are many different types of outdoor fireplaces available in the market. The two most common models are made up of clay and cast iron. Both use wood for burning and  producing fire. Being eco-friendly materials, these are widely utilized as the great resource of heat and beauty.

But selecting a chimenea for your patio is obviously a daunting phase. The process demands a thorough research in order to find the one that is economical and can also fulfill your needs. In order to help you out in this process, we have compiled this list with some of the best yet affordable chimineas. Let’s have a closer look at each of these fireplaces.

1. La Hacienda Clay Small Chiminea:

Clay chimineas are still in demand and set a vibrant focal point for your patio. With this Clay Small Chimenea from La Hacienda, you can create a magical environment. Your outdoor area will be embellished with the mind-blowing beauty and warmth of this clay chimenea.

chiminea-1Product Features:

  • Made up of clay.
  • Available with a durable stand.
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Does not include grill

2. Marko Outdoor 120cm Outdoor Garden Chiminea:

If you are looking for a contemporary style chimenea, this black patio heater will definitely catch your eyes. With a sleek and fashionable design, this will enhance the decor of your patio and will entertain your guests greatly.

chiminea-2Product Features:

  • Steel body in a sleek design pattern
  • Stainless steel cowl
  • BBQ grill not included
  • Steel log grate and fire poker are included as accessories

3. La Hacienda Steel Medium Chiminea:

This winter you must embellish your outdoor space with a pewter effect finish. This marvelous product from La Hacienda is designed to enhance your yard with a superb ambiance.

chiminea-3Product Features:

  • Made up of steel
  • Available with stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Grill is not included with product
  • Includes mesh door, rain lid, spark catcher, log grate, and tool.

4. Bentley Garden Cast iron Mesh Chimenea:

Bring an eye-catching attraction to your yard with the Bently Garden Cast Iron Outdoor Fireplace. This open bowl chiminea is highly durable and radiates perfectly for producing a warm atmosphere. The bronze finishing adds more value to its design.

chiminea-4Product Features:

  • 3 Legged (Tripod) structure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy refueling with a sliding door
  • Bronze finished design
  • Includes poker, rain lid, and sliding door
  • Grill is not included with the product

5. Ambiance Metal Chimenea Log Fire Pit:

From the vivid collection of Ambiance, this amazing metal chiminea truly beautifies your outdoor space. Featuring an air vent with a square cut out, this outdoor fireplace is wonderful for producing a splendid warmth and a sophisticated decor as well as.

chiminea-5Product Features:

  • Made up of rust-proof  and pre-weathered steel.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Grill is not included with the product

For those who like the glow of open fire in their backyard and a real crackling wood fire, chimeneas are wonderful additions. Because of the charming appearance, more and more individuals are discovering that buying a chiminea is a perfect move to add a decorative accessory for their rustic patio or country style gazebo.

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