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If you want to buy a chiminea online but you don’t know which outdoor fireplace is most suited to complement the look of your patio or which is the best chimenea available on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Truth is, very few blogs will provide you with honest reviews and reliable feedback.

We tested five of the top rated chimeneas in four different categories that we believe make the difference, if you are deciding to buy the best chiminea without spending exorbitant amounts of money: safety, efficiency, material quality and last but not least, price.

Since you are reading this article, you certainly are someone who researches a product before making a purchase. You really don’t want to buy just any outdoor fireplace, you want a high-quality chimenea, that is efficient, safe and be the best fireplace for the money. So, now that you know you would like to have one of the best fire pits for your backyard it’s time for you to take a better look at what I consider the Top 5 Best Selling Chimeneas.

1. The Blue Rooster Cast Iron Casita Chiminea

If your looking for an outdoor fireplace with easy grill access, the Casita is the grill for you. The unique design of the Casita Oven chiminea features an outdoor fireplace and a oven, so you can enjoy a fire and cook your dinner at the same time.

chimineaDesigned of heavy Cast Iron, it has a cast iron barbecue grill hidden behind the sunburst. The nature of the design of the Casita makes it great for cooking pizza and it holds a 14″ – 16″ pizza stone on the grill.

The Casita is recommended for customers who enjoy cooking on a wood fire and are looking for quick grill access. Heavy cast iron construction keeps them from “walking” away. Great for commercial settings such as campgrounds, skating rinks, and restaurants. Although some homeowners prefer the weight of Cast Iron in areas of high traffic.

These Cast Iron and Cast Aluminum chimineas are made from the same sand cast molds. The cast aluminum is lighter and will not rust. The cast iron will take more maintenance to retain the paint finish or you can let the cast iron weather to a patina finish.


  • If you see similar designs elsewhere on the internet, they are not Blue Rooster Company products unless indicated. Although our product designs may be duplicated, our manufacturing quality and great service cannot.
  • Steel Support Stand and Hardware, Free Screen and Wood Tool & Touch Up Paint Bottle Included
  • Cast Iron Grates for Grilling/Baking & Cast Iron Grate to Support Fire
  • Indicated weights are approximate ship weights. Weights will vary due to the nature of the product.
  • Cast Iron CICH039 Approx 230 Lbs, 22W x 18D x 49H

2. Black 45″ Tall Steel Chiminea Fire Pit Outdoor W/ Poker & FREE Cover

This black steel chiminea is very nice and it draws well. It is a little wider than most other models, so it accommodates substantial logs. Due to the 4 legs it is more stable than the three-legged variety and is also very easy to assemble even without instructions.

chiminea 2This chimenea features a removable cap, charcoal grid, ash tray and log holder. The round screen design enables visibility from all directions. The easy access sliding door, the strong foot base and the included fire fork and PVC cover are just some of the great benefits of this high-quality outdoor chiminea.

3. Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace

The Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chimenea Fireplace is one of the best products on the market. It has many positive reviews, it’s inexpensive and is made of cast-metal. Below you can find some information regarding the main features of this chiminea, what this product can really do, what customers say about it and where you can buy this product at the best price.

chiminea 1This sturdy cast iron outdoor artisan chimenea fireplace features a rubbed bronze finish,  a cap on top to keep out rain and a convenient sliding door for adding fuel, for burning wood and artificial logs. 51.6-inches high. For outdoor use only.


  • For burning wood and artificial logs
  • Designer embossed cast iron construction and high temperature paint finish
  • Full 360 degree view of fire with fine wire mesh spark screen
  • Large sliding door for adding fuel and an ash catcher for easy cleanup
  • Log grate and fire tool included
  • Great addition to any backyard yard or patio

4. La Hacienda Corten Steel Oxidized Cuba Chimenea

Bring some contemporary style as well as warmth to your patio with the La Hacienda Cuba Corten Steel Chimenea – Oxidized.

chiminea 3This Chimenea is an ultra-fashionable alternative to traditional forms of Chimenea that works just as well in radiating plenty of heat as you burn hard fuel in the belly area. Made with oxidized corten steel, this impressive Chimenea stands at a soaring 49Inch in height and will really amaze all visitors to your garden this summer.


  • Ultra-modern shape, contemporary design inspired by garden sculptures
  • Radiates heat in all directions
  • Weather resistant
  • Oxidized finish
  • Corten steel

5. Deeco DM-0039-IA-C Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven Chiminea

The Aztec Allure offers an outdoor fireplace with easy grill access. With a outdoor fireplace and oven to enjoy a fire and cook your dinner at the same time, it also has a stainless steel barbecue grill hidden behind the sunburst.

chiminea 4The nature of the design of the Aztec Allure makes it’s easy to cook pizzas up to 14″ on the grill. This unique outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who enjoy cooking on a wood fire and are looking for quick grill access.

Made of durable cast iron construction with a fiberglass lining to lock in heat on top oven section. There is a removable ash draw for easy cleanup and a hinged spark guard screen door. Cast iron decorative screwed in feet along with decorative removable rain Lid make this chimnea pizza oven very attractive.


  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Hinged spark guard screen door
  • Fiberglass lining to lock in heat on top oven section
  • Removable rain lid
  • Cook pizza’s up to 14 inches

You can buy online all these great outdoor chimeneas much cheaper than from the local stores. Click here and buy one of these products!

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